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How I Came to Homeopathy

(written in 2013 as a 3rd year Student at the Belfast School of Homeopathy)

I am sitting at my older son's bed, holding his hand. I can feel the heat he is radiating from every inch of his body, except his hands; his hands are cool. His skin is dry and his face is bright red, and he is looking at me with his massive glaring eyes. He talks to me but I can't make much sense of what he is saying. Then few minutes later he is asking for some water, takes it in small sips and lies down again. His heart feels like it would jump out of his chest any minute. I actually can sense his pulse even without having to touch him.

Three years earlier a similar scene would have unnerved me to no end and would have grabbed the phone to call for medical help. Now I am sitting at his bedside, holding his hand and waiting for Belladonna to do its work. I am worried, of course, but calm because I am in charge and after almost three years of Homeopathic education I (sort of) know what I am doing. I am ever so  grateful for this empowering knowledge.

I remember the first time I encountered the word Homeopathy. I was 16, spending the summer holidays in Germany with a family to learn the language. Somebody showed me this very old book and started to talk about this brilliant method of healing, which I, being 16 and my German language had yet to improve a lot, did not understand or cared about. Looking back at this scene I now realise that I must have been holding a very old copy of Samuel Hahnemann's Organon written in its original language!

Four years later and three unsuccessful antibiotic treatments for a Lyme disease (an illness spread by ticks) my mother came home one day and told me that she has got me an appointment with a homeopath. Thinking it couldn't do any more harm I went and, sceptic or not, it worked! I had the first test results coming back negative in three years. This got a convert to homeopathy: my Mother. She read more about it, studied it and she is successfully using it in her paediatric praxis.

Ever since on my travels I carried a basic First Aid kit with myself, however when it came to me needing it, I was always rather puzzled by the handbook that came with the kit. I have seen it working but I just didn't seem to get the right remedy myself. This intrigued me, and thought I should learn about Homeopathy more, but never done it. Until three years ago.

I believe opportunities come to you when you are ready for them, all you need to do is reach out for them and grab hold. The idea to study Homeopathy more seriously kept popping up through the recent years but it just didn't seem to be the right time. And then in August 2010 my husband came home, telling me about this course that the Belfast School of Homeopathy starts in September. If I want to start studying I need to act quick. Not much time left to mull over pros and cons, but it felt right and I never regretted it.

Here I sit writing these words while my son is peacefully sleeping next door, because Belladonna, and a little bit of me, did our work. I am grateful.

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