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A Quick Recovery from Mononucleosis, also known as Glandular Fever

I was contacted by the mother of an 18 year old, who has woken up Monday morning with severte pain in the throat and high fever. Her glands around her neck were swollen to the extent that her neck could not be seen anymore. She was very weak, had no appetite or thirst and felt nauseaus, at the same time her upper right and left abdomen was swollen and painful, and her urine was very dark. The white of her eyes have started to show a yellowish tinge.

The Mother being a doctor suspected mononucleosis, and has been arranging blood tests. However, being also trained as a Homeopath she wanted to begin with homeopathic treatment as soon as possible to avoid the prolonged healing process that is assoicated with this illness.

Being emotionally involved with your own family members it is sometimes hard to be an objective observer of symptoms, which is the first and foremost requirement for a Homeopath. And since I have been treating the family for various ailments, she reached out for my advice.

On further questioning it shows that her symptoms have started slowly with fever the Thursday before but the Mum gave her Belladonna and she was perfectly symptom free and up for a very busy day the next couple of days. By Monday her state of health was rather concerning.

The chosen remedy was given every half an hour based on the state of her health and we agreed with the mum to be in close touch in case her state starts to deteriorate rapidly. By the evening the Mother contacted me that her daughter has vomited around 6pm and felt better for it. Had something to eat and drink and fell asleep again. The swelling around the neck was slowly going down and the yellow tinge from the eye has disappeared, although the face was still waxy. Her abdomen, althogh eased after vomiting, was still painful and sensitive to touch.

Due to her high tempreture, lack of liquid intake and signs of jaundice at the biginning of the day it was questionable whether she needed to be hospitalised but due to the homeoathic treatment she has made a remarkable turn by the evening, and although still frail, she continued to get better over the next week. At some point the remedy needed to be changed as her symptoms changed but she continued to make a quick recovery within a week, from an illness that usually takes 2-4 weeks to recover from and people are often left with fatigue plaging them several months after the infection.

Her Mum "complained" that they needed to hold her back from wanting to do too much too soon, since she felt so well.

If you are experiencing acute symptoms of Mononucleosis or Glandular fever and wish to speed up the recovery time or you are suffering from fatige due to previous mono infection and seeking a natural way to "shake it off", please book an appointment with Eszter.

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