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I am Eszter Ballo. I qualified from the Belfast School of Homeopathy in 2014 and I have been working in my own practice in the little seaside town of Whitehead, Northern Ireland ever since, seeing patients face to face or online via zoom or skype.

My first personal experience with homeopathy was when I was 20, suffering from Neurological Lyme Disease  and from the many side effects of the treatment for over four years. A couple of magic pills of Pulsatilla have produced the first negative test and restored my health. As life is not linear it took me 15 years to find my way to the healing art again, but this time I took a deep dive into it, which I have not regretted since.

As a home schooling mum to 4 boys my journey of motherhood has not been all that straight forward and the many ups and downs of my own health has been greatly supported by homeopathy. This made me very passionate about supporting other mothers who are finding motherhood a challenging experience. I love seeing mothers growing in their confidence, finding back to who they were always meant to be, and to have once again joy and purpose in their life.

When I am not wearing the hat of the homeopath or the home school mum (well, even then) I can be seen mostly with my trusted little camera around my neck, ready to photograph the big and small moments of life. *

Thank you for reading this! I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

*The photographs featured on this website are taken by myself unless otherwise stated (Eszter Ballo Photography)

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