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Client's Experience

"I became Eszter's patient after years of suffering from fibromyalgia , general practitioner and tried many different medications on me but I was not getting better and to be honest the side effects of some medication were as bad as the illness itself . With homeopathic medicine the process was deep and lengthy but I could see the results and through the process I have learned a lot about myself . The body spread pain gradually decreased and the fatigue eased . Eszter was extremely empathetic and a great listener always available if I had a problem in between appointments ."

43 year old Female

"Eszter has really enabled me in overcoming my MS symptoms. Her wealth of knowledge and experience really empowered me to approach my healing in a way that got to the root of what was driving my chronic condition. Eszter is methodical, patient and extremely diligent and seeks to understand your unique situation. I had full trust in Eszter throughout the process and constantly felt well supported and enabled at every point in the healing journey. I would highly recommend Eszter to anyone looking to get to the root cause of their health concerns and overcome their condition."



“I was going to counselling regularly with Martin at Healo and he recommended doing a package deal which included homeopathic consultation with Eszter alongside his counselling sessions. I was struggling with period cramps and back pain but it was constant and not just while I was on my period. I went to the doctor for help and they sent me for an ultrasound but it came back clear and I couldn't work out what the pain was. After a consultation session with Eszter, who was lovely and welcoming, I felt completely at ease and in good hands. She was able to give me a remedy for the pain and I also got one to support me emotionally. I went back monthly for a check in to report how I was feeling and she would alter the remedies as needed. I felt like the whole experience was very positive and my pain faded and then eventually left and still to this day the pain hasn't returned. I am no longer on any homeopathic remedies but if something did come up I would not hesitate to contact Eszter straight away and go back to the remedies.”


24 year old Female

"Just wanted to tell you, I have been discharged from trauma and fracture unit. They took a couple of x rays and everything's healed!!! Pretty amazing recovery! "

"Oh, I forgot to mention that today I've been digging the garden and practicing the ukulele!!!"


74 year old Female

6 weeks after a complicated elbow fracture and open reduction internal fixation surgery

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